You Either Work on a Relationship That Matters to You, or You Let Go

Love cannot flourish in conventional compromises

Camille Allard
Oct 22, 2020


Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

You cannot live in a state of emotional indecision. You cannot pretend to love someone when you don’t care.

Sometimes, we decide to compromise because someone advised us to do that. Emotional anxiety drains our mental and physical energy.

Most of the time, we compromise because we are scared of being alone. The fear makes us rethink our position in a relationship.

But once you have decided that you are going to work on a relationship because it matters to you, try your best to see your mistakes and be bold enough to ask for forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter what your lover thinks or how he or she behaves, think what you want in your life. Be romantic, be kind, be gentle, be understanding, and be authentic.

There is always something that you missed.

Love is a complex emotion, and you are free to fight and argue as long as you can get things right. If you truly love someone, you never give up on trying to make things right.



Camille Allard

A nineteen year old French girl, living in London. I write about love, psychology, and sexology.