What Einstein’s Love Letters to His Wife Can Teach Us About Love

His granddaughter Evelyn published 54 letters in the book ‘The Love Letters’ in 1992

Camille Allard
3 min readNov 22, 2022
Love has many seasons. Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Nobody can define love because everybody experiences it in their own unique way.

Can we learn something from the love-life of Einstein, one of the greatest physicists of all times? These letters are from a happier period in Einstein’s life with Mileva Maric but there was a darker side as well. The original letters are available as a part of Einstein’s papers by Princeton University Press.

His love affair started when were students at the Zurich Polytechnic Institute in 1896. He was 17 and Mileva was 21 at the time.

Then, in the evening and at night, I will kiss you and squeeze you again to my heart’s desire. ~ Einstein’s letter

Albert Einstein married Mileva in 1903, even though his parents objected. She was his companion, colleague, and confidante in the most creative years of his life.

“How was I able to live alone before, my little everything? Without you I lack self-confidence, passion for work, and enjoyment of life…



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