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A twenty year old French girl, living in London, exploring the world with love and for love. Studying Psychology and Sexology.

When will we finally look beyond dirty?

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He wrote a letter to his wife sixteen months after her death

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Love cannot flourish in conventional compromises

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Better orgasm tips for girls

Exercise is vital for good sex and stronger orgasms.

Image by Sabine Mondestin
  1. Abdominal muscle exercises — 51.4%,
  2. Weightlifting — 26.5%,
  3. Yoga — 20%,
  4. Bicycling — 15.8%,
  5. Running — 13.2%,
  6. Walking…

Sharing your fantasies is an act of trust

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“A masturbate a day keeps the haters away,” says Miley Cyrus

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Answering one of the most googled questions about sex

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The Everything Orgasm Book is your all-you-need to know guide for the most satisfying sex you’ll ever have

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You’d want to read more of these naughty ones

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Clinicians and psychologists recommend masturbation as a therapy

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Procrasturbation: the act of masturbating while procrastinating.

Don’t feel guilty

Camille Allard

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