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A twenty year old French girl, living in London, exploring the world with love and for love. Studying Psychology and Sexology.
Image by Fernando Gimenez

Lily Tomlin offers a clever argument: “We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation.”

According to World’s Largest Masturbation Survey, 92 percent of American men do it, but people think only 83 percent of men do. And 76 percent of American women do it, but people think 66 percent of women do. An average person masturbates three times a week.

You will forget these statistics soon. You may feel comfortable for a few weeks when you masturbate. …

Image by Herbanu Tri Sasongko from Pixabay

Richard Feynman was a curious man. “I’m an explorer, OK? I like to find out!” His curiosity won him the Nobel Prize for physics in 1965.

Richard and his wife, Arline Greenbaum, were soul mates.

His love for life gave him the status of an American cultural icon. Feynman wrote many love letters to his wife, Arline.

He wrote to his wife, his daughter Michelle, scientists, fans, students, crackpots as well as strangers. Michelle Feynman collected his words in a book, Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track.

He discussed everything from the Manhattan Project to developments in quantum physics…

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

You cannot live in a state of emotional indecision. You cannot pretend to love someone when you don’t care.

Sometimes, we decide to compromise because someone advised us to do that. Emotional anxiety drains our mental and physical energy.

Most of the time, we compromise because we are scared of being alone. The fear makes us rethink our position in a relationship.

But once you have decided that you are going to work on a relationship because it matters to you, try your best to see your mistakes and be bold enough to ask for forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter what…

Image by Kurt State from Pixabay

One of my favorite things to do is to watch movies. I love sci-fi movies. I think I like how they take me to another world.

The what-ifs in these sci-fi movies challenge my assumptions that otherwise would go unnoticed. But other than that, I also like the special effects and the thrill of these movies.

These are the movies that have made to the top of my list so far:

1. The Tomorrow War — directed by Chris McKay

A sexual fantasy

Image by CamiloCote from Pixabay

Watching the Chelsea against Arsenal game, I see four or five men around me. The guy sitting to the left, wearing a Chelsea shirt, seems to like me. It is cold, but the chanting and the lights in the stadium are warming us in the night.

In the packed stadium, the wave approaches us, we stand, yell, and raise our arms. The Chelsea shirt guy tells me to flash my tits. The camera captures me, and my tits fill the big screen.

Suddenly our eyes catch Hakim Ziyech heading toward the goal. He races with the ball, dribbling and dodging…

Sexual fantasy

Image by Victoria_Borodinova

This fantasy is not fake. Or at least, I think it is not. It happened to one of my friends when we were college sophomores.

She told me this story one night when we had nothing else to do in the dorm. We were lying in our beds, and the lights were out. I imagined I was her as she told the account of doing it in this very crazy way.

Sometimes, I’ll be walking in a mall, and I have this goofy smile on my face as I relive this story.

I know it is crazy and all. Still…

Better orgasm tips for girls

Image by Sabine Mondestin

‘Do you know some women can have an orgasm only through physical exercise?’ asks Chris Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D.

We can imagine how exercise improves health. But exercise can do more for sex and orgasms.

Exercise can be erotic.

Debby Herbenick of Indiana University has published a study in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Out of 370 women, 124 women had orgasms while doing exercises and 246 felt sexual pleasure to some degree.

The listed exercises caused orgasm in these percentages:

  1. Abdominal muscle exercises — 51.4%,
  2. Weightlifting — 26.5%,
  3. Yoga — 20%,
  4. Bicycling — 15.8%,
  5. Running — 13.2%,
  6. Walking…

Image by Rondell Melling

Sexual fantasies are sacred. If you share them with someone who does not appreciate them, you may not enjoy them in the future. The rejection attaches itself to the fantasy — in a disturbing way.

Psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyle has a similar view: “Think about how they may interpret what you are saying. And think about how you would feel if they extend an invitation to take fantasy into reality, or if fantasy is where you would like it to stay.”

If you trust your partner, make him or her a part of your fantasy. …

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Miley Cyrus should be an authority in the matters of masturbation. The girl knows how to be hot.

Masturbation has a negative image — unlike having unsafe sex. Masturbation is way better than risky or unethical sex behavior.

Thanks to social media, sexology, psychologists, and famous people, masturbation is now considered a legitimate sexual practice — with a lot of benefits.

I read in an article that masturbation can boost immunity and protect against COVID-19 since it improves the white blood cell count. White blood cells are a component of the immune system against attacking germs and viruses.

Masturbation is…

Image by Diego Monserrat Monserrat

What if you could have sex with anybody — while you were sleeping? These dreams can make you feel absurdly happy when you wake up in the morning. I would love that. But isn’t it just a pipe dream to custom design your dreams?

One professional says you can do it in two ways:

“Obsess about it and whom you’d like to do it with all day! We tend to dream about what is on our mind the most so if you occupy your mind all day, you are more likely to have a sex dream that night,” says Lauri…

Camille Allard

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