4 Things Extremely Loving People Don’t Do

Give up these habits and your loving nature will shine

Camille Allard
8 min readNov 22, 2022


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Many people wrongly think that extremely loving people are born that way. These people realized that they felt much better if they behaved this way.

When we feel that someone is an extremely loving person, we often fail to understand that:

Projecting a loving image is less about showing love and more about accepting the way people are and respecting their wishes.

As someone who is studying psychology and sexology, I often observe how some people make others dislike them:

  • They expect that others must listen to what they have to say and do not listen to what others want to say
  • They live their entire lives in self-hatred and self-denial
  • They fail to see that loving relationships are not built in a day

But it is my understanding that these people don’t really lack the capacity to show love. If someone guides them, they may reveal their more vulnerable and loving nature.

Sadly, a great number of people try to hide their innate loving nature because of a bunch of seemingly innocent habits that tell them not to reveal their vulnerable side.

If you’d want to become a more loving person, try to find these bad habits in your life and try to change them. Most probably, you’ll see that your loving nature only needed a nudge to reveal itself.

1. Saying that others don’t love you

When we say that others don’t love us, it gives us a kind of license to not love others.

All of us feel unloved sometimes. It is a part of life to have at least some people — at some point of our lives — who don’t love us. It is this feeling that makes us look for those people who love us to form meaningful relationships.

But you cannot make it a habit. You cannot say that since some of the people in your life don’t love you the way you want them to love you, other won’t love you as well. You’ll fail to notice the few people who could actually love you for who you are.



Camille Allard

A nineteen year old French girl, living in London. I write about love, psychology, and sexology.